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Sight Seeing: Het Binnenhof

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di Jiver78     Paesi Bassi > Zuid-Holland > Agglomeratie 's-Gravenhage

N 52° 04.759' E 004° 18.743' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 19. aprile 2017
 Pubblicata il: 19. aprile 2017
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 23. marzo 2020
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC139AF

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The Binnenhof (inner courtyard) is a ein building complex in the center of ’s-Gravenhage (Den Haag). The "Staaten-Generaal" (=the Dutch parlament) meets here since 1446.


Already in the late 12th / eraly 13th century a courthouse was standing here, that earl Graf Wilhelm II. of Holland expand / rebuilt to a castle in 1250. In 1291 his son Floris V. moved his residence to ’s-Gravenhage. So a settlement arised, that become the political center of the Netherlands till the end of the 16th century.

The Binnenhof is a Rijksmonument, that meens, it's under a law for protection of historic monuments.

About the cache:
Inside the Binnenhof you'll find the fountain at the picture on the right. At one foot there's the word "Fegere" and a date beneath. This Number is the password for this cache..


Tot ziens!


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trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 07. luglio 2020, 11:00 johnny_cache11 ha trovato la geocache

Third day of our bicycle tour in North Holland: Today my girlfriend Schatzflieger and I cycled from Scheveningen to Gouda.

First we made some sightseeing in Den Haag.


Here I had to search a while for the required information. Finally I found it !


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johnny_cache11 at Binnenhofjohnny_cache11 at Binnenhof

last modified on 04. marzo 2021

trovata 26. aprile 2019, 16:05 Jan_Peter ha trovato la geocache

Hi, hier tummeln sich aber viele Touristen. Da brauchte ich einige Zeit bevor ich den tollen Brunnen näher absehen konnte. Dann fand ich das Lösungswort trotzdem erst nach ein paar Umrundungen. Vielen Dank fürs herlocken.

trovata 29. settembre 2018, 12:06 wirschatzfinder ha trovato la geocache

Ein OC Cache mitten in Denhaag.

trovata 17. aprile 2018, 20:04 tintenbrot ha trovato la geocache

Made a small walk while or stay in The Hague while IHE Connectathon 2018 in Fokker Terminal.

What a nice City
TFTC and greetings from Mittelhessen

trovata 30. dicembre 2017 Katja104 ha trovato la geocache

Ein schöner Platz, zu dem uns der Cache geführt hat. DFDC

trovata 04. settembre 2017, 12:15 DikkeBiggie ha trovato la geocache

Het was vooral druk op het Binnenhof. Maar na even een rondje gelopen te hebben en mezelf tussen de Japanners gemengd te hebben het antwoord gevonden. 👻 Tftc.👍🏻

trovata 24. maggio 2017, 20:31 georunner2012 ha trovato la geocache

Ein Tag in Den Haag. Da mussten wir natürlich auch hier vorbei.

trovata 11. agosto 2013 nh82 ha trovato la geocache

On a geocaching trip to the UK & NL. After flying in from London, I first went to Utrecht to visit my friends there. After that I came to Den Haag. This was an impressive square. Many thanks for the virtual cache!