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di Hamburg75     Germania > Hamburg > Hamburg

N 53° 31.422' E 010° 05.410' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: micro
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 Nascosta il: 23. aprile 2013
 Pubblicata il: 19. novembre 2013
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 19. novembre 2013
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC10426
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the story

Homer im Autokino

Opposite there was the drive-in movie Bill Brook. It opened on 30 September 1976 and was the first film "Papillon" with Steve McQueen. First, the cinema had parking for 800 vehicles or "private box" as she called the projectionist. The seats were reduced later on 468th The sound to the movies, there were initially about these beautiful speakers later on FM frequency 96.8. Then had to close the theater due to soil pollution. The Hamburg Environmental Protection Agency remediation costs would pass on to the tenant. Approx. 250 000 euros would have to invest the cinema for the renovation. An amount to the cinema simply could not afford. The last performance was on 18 June 2003 "2 Fast 2 Furious" (Germany premiere).

the area

The cache is located in an industrial area. Evenings and weekends can be searched very relaxed here. Parking is available nearby.

the cache

The cache container is a film canister. The place for trading items is no more available. Geocoins, however, can be stored here. To get the box, you have not taken anything apart or unscrew.

the content

As initial is:
  • logbook (stays inside)
  • pen (also stays inside)

other notes

I take constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. I wish you lots of fun searching and finding.


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trovata 10. giugno 2019, 12:39 bAUSb ha trovato la geocache

Sehr orginelles Logbuch👋
Autokino - ich bin immer nur daran vorbei gefahren.
Nun ja, tolle Erinnerung an vergangenes.

trovata 22. aprile 2019, 12:24 Grönis8 ha trovato la geocache

OSI Nachtrag auch an dieser Stelle noch mal danke für den Cache. Gruß Grönis

trovata 14. luglio 2018, 20:26 HONKIDONKY ha trovato la geocache

Schnell mit Lilaka2014 gefunden, danke für den Cache  :)

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 17. gennaio 2018 Kachesucher ha trovato la geocache

Auf dem Weg nach Hause mit einem Umweg noch einen Cache finden war das Ziel und es klappte. Zum Glück konnte ich mich bei dem Wetter in Cachemobil setzen und bequem loggen. DfdC

trovata 28. agosto 2017, 15:18 FamilieB579 ha trovato la geocache

In meiner Pause habe ich mir diesen Cache ausgesucht, um mal zu sehen was aus dem Autokino geworden ist. Ein trauriger Anblick, früher sah das deutlich besser aus als jetzt.
Leider hatte ich es nie geschafft mal eine Vorstellung im Auto zu sehen.

Danke für das herlocken.