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Serra de Tramuntana Challenge

 A multi along the GR221 from Puerto D'Andratx to Pollença

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N 39° 32.789' E 002° 23.403' (WGS84)

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 Lunghezza percorso: 150 km
 Nascosta il: 27. marzo 2014
 Pubblicata il: 05. giugno 2014
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 01. agosto 2017
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC10E56
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This cache will require a long time from the first stage to the final box and demands a lot of physical effort. After over one week you will gain just one point on your cache counter. If that does not reflect your understanding of geocaching, feel free to ignore the cache and go for something quicker.

This description is only intended as a framework for the cache. The tour itself needs a lot more additional preparation and planning than a cache listing can offer. There are several books, maps and websites including GPS tracks about the GR221 that we refer to (for example here).

WARNING: Please note that the Majorcan mountains - despite their altitude of under 1500m - are an alpine environment with all its dangers like rockfall, sudden and unexpected changes of the weather, rough paths, remoteness...
Take at least a warm and rain/wind proof jacket, enough water, sun protection and proper navigation (map, guide book, GPS, gpx track, ...) and communication systems with you. Don't go alone and let a third person know where you go and when you will return.

The cache

The GR221 traverses the Serra de Tramuntana from South to North. Typically the track is split into 8 day's marches: Puerto D'Andratx - Sant Elm (as long as La Trapa is still closed) - Estellencs - Esporles - Deià - Sóller - Tossals Verds (Refugio is currently closed due to maintenance work) - Lluc - Pollença.
Each day trip includes at least one stage of the cache. There are always only questions to answer. A box is only hidden at the final. Since the focus of the cache is on the landscape and the hike itself, the tasks are always next to the path and easy to answer. It might also be possible to collect the information of the 10 stages within a hiking group of muggles without revealing the secret of your satelite-based hobby ;-)

The stages

* Stage 1 - Piece of Art: N 39° 32.789 | E 002° 23.403
On the concret basement you will find the artist's name and a date. Note the day/month/year.
( A = _ | B = _ | C = _ | D = _ | E = _ )
* Stage 2 - Rest in Peace: N 39° 3 (E) . (A-1) (C-D) (1) | E 002° 2 (A-1) . (B) (E*2) (1)
Note the two years that are mentioned on the stone.
( F = _ | G = _ | H = _ | I = _ | J = _ | K = _ | L = _ | M = _ )
* Stage 3 - View over La Trapa: N 39° 3 (5-K) . (I-1) (M+L) (G-1) | E 002° 2 (F) . (H+J) (J*2) (H+J)
Find the light-green hiker with a backpack and a trekking pole. How many white trees surround him?
(N = _ )
* Stage 4 - Gibber Plains: N 39° 3 (E+F+J) . (N+B) (N+L) (N+2) | E 002° 2 (I-E) . (G) (I-1) (N+2)
How many steps are there to support you to get over the fence?
( O = _ )
* Stage 5 - Pins de Planicia: N 39° 4 (O-G) . (M-H-J) (N+J) (O) | E 002° 3 (N-H) . (N) (O) (H-F)
How many dark (vertical) stripes does the blazon contain?
( P = _ )
* Stage 6 - The Charburner's Water Reservoir: N 39° 4 (P-N) . (O-P) (F*N) (A+M-F) | E 002° 3 (O-P) . (P+E) (O) (A+E)
How many spokes does the pulley have?
( Q = _ )
* Stage 7 - On the Razor-Edge: N 39° 4 (N-B) . (A-F+H+J) (C-E-H) (H-N) | E 002° 3 (F+N+Q) . (M-F) (F+P) (M*F)
Which number do you see inside the pink triangle?
( R = _ )
* Stage 8 - Where to go? N 39° 4 (P+Q) . (R*F) (R*R) (R*Q) | E 002° 4 (L+B) . (O-Q+R) (P+Q+R) (P)
Find out which number (ignore the decimal point) is mentioned on the screw that fixes the sign to the pole.
( S = _ | T = _ )
* Stage 9 - Water Supply System: N 39° 4 (S-1) . (P-K) (H) (1) | E 002° 4 (T) . (P-2) (Q-R) (6)
One segment here is bridged. Find out its number.
(U = _ | V = _ | W = _ )
* Stage 10 - Communication: N 39° 4 (W-1) . (V-1) (W) (M) | E 002° 5 (U) . (U*U) (W-4) (A)
Add up all hours mentioned here (ignore the minutes).
(X = _ )

Computing the final coordinates

N 39° 4 (A+N+Q) . (T-X-R+V) (O-J) (S-M)
E 002° 5 (W-Q-U-R) . (X+Q-J) (N+B+K+L) (S-T-K)

Suggerimenti addizionali   Decripta

[Computing new coordinates] pheirq oenpxrgf vaqvpngr gung lbh unir gb pbzchgr guvf zvffvat qvtvg. Gb nibvq pbashfvba gur sbezhynef arire pbagnva n mreb. B vf nyjnlf gur yrggre B, arire gur ahzore.
[Stage 1] sbezng ba onqtr vf NO.P.QR
[Stage 2] sbezng ba gur fgbar vf RSTU-VWXY
[Stage 4] va gbgny: hc naq qbja
[Stage 6] vafvqr, bcra gur qbbe
[Final] gra zrgref sebz gur puneoheare'f cynpr, va n perivpr ng gur sbbg bs gur fpnec, pbirerq ol fgbarf



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trovata Raccomandata 01. maggio 2019 Linus.de ha trovato la geocache

Heute war es soweit. Die Summe der gesammelten Informationen führte uns zum Finale.





trovata 26. marzo 2016 broiler ha trovato la geocache

Nachlog von GC:


I has been fascinated by this cache since it was published. But as a well feeded broiler it was clear that we weren't able to do the whole walk.
So I tried to "broiler" the cache. This was real fun.
With the rough idea where the trail is, I tried to determine the variables with great effort.

Today goldbroiler and me went for the cache. Because our maps showed pathes that do not exist anymore this was quite a difficult job. We passed a water basin where countless frog saved itselves with a jump into the water at our approach.
Finally we reached the GR221 and GZ and goldbroiler found the box within a second.

Thanks for this challenge, even it was not a "walking" challenge for us, it was a real good challeging puzzle.

Hope we will be able to do some -little- sections o the trail with the kids in the future. Must be great.

Out: TB

broiler from Germany

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 30. ottobre 2015, 15:45 TEMBO(Ausrufezeichen) ha trovato la geocache

Dingo79 hat die Begründung abgeliefert, warum wir Drei bei unserem diesjährigen Mallorcaaufenthalt auch dieses Final erreichen konnten. Seit 2012 bin ich einmal jährlich auf den Bergen und in den Tälern dieser Wanderstrecke gewesen, weiß also um die absolut tolle Landschaft.

Heute führte uns Drei die Wanderung bei schönstem Wetter in diesen Wald und damit letztlich auch zum Ziel unserer Begierde.