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The siren

 This is safari hunt for mythical sirens.

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N 52° 14.990' E 021° 00.730' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 14. luglio 2015
 Pubblicata il: 14. luglio 2015
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 14. luglio 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC12292

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Descrizione    English (Inglese)

Sirens are the mythical creatures, half women, half fishes. They are the heroesses of numerous mythos and legends. One of them is the legend of the origins of Warsaw. Fishers have captured a siren and kept her in slavery. A young peasant has rescued her, and as a gratetude, she promised to protect his settlement (which further grown up to Warsaw city) from any dangers. 

On the central square of Old Town, there she is, with shield and sword, ready to protect the city from its enemies.

Your task is to find another depiction of siren, a monument, a refiel, a painting or anything else, which has not been already logged, and provide the exact GPS coordinates together with at least one picture taken by you.


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The Warsaw Siren
The Warsaw Siren


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trovata 23. maggio 2020, 13:01 TeamMB ha trovato la geocache

In München bei N 48 07.148 E 011 36.620 stellt eine Sirene 🧜‍♀️ eine Brunnenfigur dar: Eine (zweischwänzige) Melusine.
Nett gmacht! Danke fürs Safari Schachterl!  :)

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trovata 10. giugno 2019 Landschildkroete ha trovato la geocache

Heute haben wir in Lüneburg zwei Meerjungfrauen angetroffen und abgelichtet.
Die Koordinaten lauten:
N 53° 15.012 E 010° 24.780
Danke für die interessante Safari, den Informationen und viele nette Grüße von den Landschildkroeten

Unfortunately only with translator:
Today we met and photographed two mermaids in Lüneburg.
The coordinates are:
N 53° 15.012 E 010° 24.780
Thank you for the interesting safari, the information and many nice greetings from the Landschildkroeten

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.... mit Landschildkroete.... mit Landschildkroete

trovata 28. aprile 2018, 22:00 Valar.Morghulis ha trovato la geocache

Im Phantasialand erlebten wir heute einen wirklich tollen Tag und ganz nebenbei bemerkte ich, dass gleich neben einem Kettenkarussell zwei Meerjungfrauen den Besuchern zarte Töne ins Ohr hauchen. Ich ließ mich nicht ablenken und machte bei:

N 50 47.969
E 006 52.883

zwei Fotos für diese Safari.

Vielen lieben Dank an GeoLog81 für die schöne Aufgabe.

28. April 2018 # 824

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Meerjungfrau Nummer 2Meerjungfrau Nummer 2

trovata 29. novembre 2017, 09:02 KrystianT ha trovato la geocache

Syrenka na rynku w Krapkowicach (Krappitz OS). Nie wiadomo dlaczego rzeźbiarz miał taką wizję, że syrenka ma dwa ogony...

N50 28.472 E17 58.027

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Krappitzer sirenKrappitzer siren (Spoiler)

trovata 28. ottobre 2017 dogesu ha trovato la geocache

On our visit in Copenhagen I found the "little sister" of the wellknown "little mermaid" of Copenhagen in beneath the "Konelige Bibliotek". The "HAVFUE" is only 8 years younger than  the well known "little mermaid".

N 55 40.382 E 12 34.939

Thank you for the Safari-Task, dogesu

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HAVFRUE in CopenhagenHAVFRUE in Copenhagen

trovata 13. ottobre 2017, 09:45 Le Dompteur ha trovato la geocache

Found it at N 54° 47.073 E 009° 26.127 in Flensburg, northernmost Germany.

This siren is the city's most famous symbol. Too the city has a harbour with tradition of seafaring.


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Safari Siren OC12292 Safari Siren OC12292
Safari Siren OC12292 - 2Safari Siren OC12292 - 2

trovata 05. marzo 2017, 11:02 Team Brummi ha trovato la geocache

Finally we found another siren. This one is located in Hamburg at N 53° 32,987 E 009° 56,123 . It's part of a fountain in a park at Altona.

Thanks for this safariquest

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The sirenThe siren

trovata 09. ottobre 2016 Spatzenbande13 ha trovato la geocache

Während der Sommerferien konnten wir viele Safarifotos schießen.

In Kühlungsborn stannd dieser Brunnen im Atrium

N 54 09.193

E 011 45.681

Vielen Dank für die nette Idee!

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trovata 23. aprile 2016 Andreas.Mann ha trovato la geocache

I found a painting called "Sirena" in the Underground station "Plärrer" in Nuremberg.

The coordinates are (approximate -- there is no GPS coverage underground): N 49 26.902 E 011 03.919


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Evidence photo with GPSr (switched off)Evidence photo with GPSr (switched off)

trovata 29. marzo 2016 MikroKosmos ha trovato la geocache

In Eckernförde there is a big sculpture of a siren at the beach.
The coordinates are N54 28.156 E009 50.431.
Thanks for the safari, µKosmos

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trovata 29. luglio 2015 meteor2017 ha trovato la geocache

Znaleźć syrenkę w Warszawie to zbyt proste... my znaleźliśmy warszawską syrenkę w Pruszkowie ;-P Na terenie dawnego obozu przejścioweg Dulag 121, a konkretnie na pomniku obok skrzynki Dulag 121 - Hala 5 - OP80R4
N 52° 10.495' E 20° 48.645'

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Syrenka w PruszkowieSyrenka w Pruszkowie

trovata 22. luglio 2015 Klucken ha trovato la geocache

(FTF) Our siren in Ustka, Poland. Her breast is more beautiful :)
Coordinates: N 54 35.363 E 016 51.186

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Siren in UstkaSiren in Ustka

Nota 15. luglio 2015 Team Brummi ha scritto una nota

Seems we have to find another one ... UnentschlossenLachend

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