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WebCam - Turin, Vittorio Veneto Square

 【ツ】 WebCam-Livestream

by Technologist3     Italy > Piemonte > Torino

N 45° 03.843' E 007° 41.760' (WGS84)

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Status: Available
 Hidden on: 14 December 2017
 Published on: 23 December 2017
 Last update: 29 October 2018
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC1428B

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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

visit: Info · Webcam · Image  

Go to the above coordinates.  
You will be in front of a webcam that takes a picture.  

Picture: skylinewebcams.com   

Now you need someone to save the picture of yourself taken by the webcam or save it as a screenshot on your smartphone.

To log this cache, you have to post this picture.
The picture should allow to identify you as a geocacher.
How you do that is up to you, if you want:
holding up an umbrella, banners, warning vests, balloons, headlights, or cheering into the camera... all the purpose is welcome!

Additional hint   Decrypt

Vs gur jropnz vf bssyvar, cyrnfr gnxr n cubgb bs lbhefrys be lbhe TCF/fznegcubar, fubjvat gur jropnz va gur onpxtebhaq.



Vittorio Veneto (webcam)
Vittorio Veneto (webcam)


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