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WebCam - Isle Of Wight, Havenstreet

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di Technologist3     Regno Unito > South East (England) > Isle of Wight

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N 50° 42.309' W 001° 12.842' (WGS84)

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 Ultimo aggiornamento: 28. maggio 2019
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Descrizione    English (Inglese)

This live webcam is operated by the Isle Of Wight Steam Railway and is located at the Havenstreet station which is the railways main focal point. The platform, station buildings and signal box were all built in 1926  and if you look carefully you can see the water tower which was brought from Newport in 1971 which gives water to all trains in the Smallbrook direction before they leave the station.   
  There is a lovely shop at Havenstreet station and from inside you can visit the museum of island railway history which houses a great many artefacts from the railways past including a great collection of locomotive name and number plates. 
There is also a carriage and wagon workshop which was built from Heritage Lottery Funding and was opened in 2004 by the Queen. This has a viewing gallery so you can see work as it progresses on the rolling stock and this is also accessed through the shop. 
This is a great place to visit for steam railway enthusiasts or anyone just wanting a day out with a difference, and you can see the men working in the signal box opposite the station while enjoying a tasty snack  from the refreshements room. 


visit: Website · Cam 

Go to the above coordinates.
You will be in front of a webcam that takes a picture every few seconds.

Isle Of Wight Steam Railway: camsecure.co.uk @ webcams.travel   

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