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ShipCam - Aida Cruises: Nova

 【ツ】Ship WebCam ⚓

di bubblezone     Italia

Attenzione! Questa geocache è "archiviata"! Non c'è un contenitore fisico alle coordinate specificate (o a quelle che devono essere determinate). L'interesse del luogo non è necessariamente la ricercare!

N 44° 20.000' E 008° 50.500' (WGS84)

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Stato: archiviata
 Nascosta il: 09. febbraio 2018
 Pubblicata il: 01. aprile 2018
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 29. maggio 2019
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC14592

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Descrizione    Deutsch  ·  English (Inglese)

AIDAnova is a cruise ship built by Meyer Werft GmbH in Papenburg, Germany under contract from Carnival Corporation for AIDA Cruises.  The first of the new Excellence-class ships, she was launched on 21 August 2018
and is currently undergoing final fitout and sea trials during November 2018.

 The ship is the first cruise ship in the world, that can operate completely using liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Several November cruises were cancelled and also the Hamburg trip to South in 2 December was cancelled due postponed delivery of Ship, mainly because the rebuild of some cabins which caught fire after the transfer from yard to sea. 
The delay was understood by ship owner due the complex prototype LNG gas new concept and this had ordered a second project of same appearance & concept to branch Carnival Cruises to be delivered on 2020, same project to minimize costs. 

Take a look at MEYER WERFT‘s covered building docks. 

ATTENTION - moving geocache - ATTENTION

This is a combination of a "mobile cache" + "Webcam cache".  

The geocache is not necessarily at the above mentioned coordinates!
These relate only to the home port: Genova (Italy

Go to the coordinates instead: → Latest Position

picture: Nova @ aida.de

You will be in front of a webcam that takes a picture every few minutes.
Now you need someone to save the picture of yourself taken by the webcam or save it as a screenshot on your smartphone.

Name in your log, the location and the associated coordinates.

To log this cache, you have to post this picture.
The picture should allow to identify you as a geocacher.

 How you do that is up to you:
holding up an umbrella, banners, rescue ring, life jacket , balloons, headlights, or cheering into the camera... all the purpose is welcome!  

visit: Info · WebCam · Pano · Map · Tourplan   


picture: Nova @ aida.de 


This is a virtual webcam-Cache. To find this cache you have to take a picture on which you could be seen and add it to your online-log. This ShipCam is changing positions and is attached to a vehicle, whose coordinates have to be determined. Take a look on the Webcamephoto that you know where you can seen on the picture. Also note the recording time and intervals of the camera.
Other caches with the attribute "Webcam Cache" can be found with this search and webcams only   on ships: ShipCams    

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Hafen Emden (AIDAnova_Boardcam)
Hafen Emden (AIDAnova_Boardcam)


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archiviata 20. maggio 2019 bubblezone ha archiviato la cache

hi guys, das interesse an diesem (von mir adoptierten) webcam cache hält sich ja in grenzen - in den ewigen jagdgründen scheint er mir gut aufgehoben.