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Æbelø 5

di kirk_on_air     Danimarca

N 55° 38.069' E 010° 11.111' (WGS84)

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Stato: disponibile
 Tempo necessario: 4:00 h   Lunghezza percorso: 4.0 km
 Nascosta il: 12. agosto 2005
 Pubblicata dal: 07. gennaio 2006
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 14. luglio 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC14B7

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Descrizione    Deutsch  ·  English (Inglese)

Æbelø is really worth a visit.
At the position given at the top of this cache description you´ll find a tree with a characteristic looking branch (image). Watch that tree, there is a sign carved.
For Logging I would like you to take a photograph of you or your GPS and the sign at the tree.

To enter the island, you have to walk through water. It´s a good idea to look at a tidal time table which is available at the tourist information office (e.G. in Bogense). Children and provisions can be tugged in a rubber dinghy.

Happy hunting


der Baum / the  tree
der Baum / the tree


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trovata Raccomandata 28. luglio 2013, 12:30 Honsak ha trovato la geocache

Ein wahrlich toller Cache. Ohne diese Beschreibung wären wir nie auf die Idee gekommen, diese Insel zu erwandern. Eigentlich benötigt es kein Schuhwerk für die Wasserpassage. Niedrigwasser ist zu bevorzugen oder der Trainingseffekt ist umso stärker. Die Steilküste rückt dem besagten Baum ständig näher. Es sind noch gut 2m, dann fällt er. In der Nähe kann man gut Rasten. Mit etwas Glück sieht man auch den Weißkopfseeadler.

Viele Grüße Honsak & Familie

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magischer Baummagischer Baum

trovata 19. agosto 2007 ProsperoDK ha trovato la geocache

19.08.2007 - 12:11:46

I found this cache on my second visit to Æbelø island.

I visited here last year on august 6 2006 with a group of danish geocachers to find the other caches there.

I had talked about the trip to my parents and they wanted to experience the island too.

I was notified by a fellow cacher about this cache and of cause I wanted to "grab" this while I was on the island.


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By the tree.By the tree.
By the tree - close upBy the tree - close up