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Schulfrei für Randale

di Ralyx     Germania > Hessen > Schwalm-Eder-Kreis

This geocache description may be outdated. See the log entries for more information.

N 50° 54.766' E 009° 11.136' (WGS84)

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 Tempo necessario: 1:00 h   Lunghezza percorso: 1.5 km
 Nascosta il: 09. novembre 2018
 Pubblicata il: 31. dicembre 2018
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 02. giugno 2019
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The individual stations of this multi-cache lead along the path that a stirred up crowd took on the morning of November 9th, 1938. They intended to destroy apartments of Jewish families in Treysa and the people living therein. As a special aspect the attacks took place in broad daylight and pupils from the city school were given a day off to participate in the riots.
The distance to be covered is about two kilometers. You won't find the final near the start. It would have been possible to reach the individual station directly, but I kept to the original course that the crowd took in 1938.
For wheelchair users: The path is generally accessible (except for a small, but usually manageable threshold at the bridge crossing the reailway), in some places, however, it runs steeply or it has a lot of slope.
If you walk the distance from the final to the starting point, you can take the bonus with you.
Note on calculating the one-digit (or iterated) checksum:
Add the single digits of the numbers and continue until only a single-digit number remains.

Station 1: Former City School Treysa

The local leader of the Nazi Party Georg Bachmann had received an instruction from his district leadership to initiate an "action against the Jews". For this purpose, he asked the director of the city school for about 50 school boys aged from 8 to 14 years to leave the lessons.
An information board is installed between the parking lot and the church yard, on which the church and the meanwhile torn down city school can be seen. On the board you can find the year in which the picture of school and church was created. The one-digit checksum of the year is A.

Station 2: House of the Schwalm family (Am Angel 11)

After giving instructions to the pupils in the schoolyard, Bachmann encouraged them to smash the windows of the Schwalm familily's house on the opposite side of the street, shouting, "Well, boys, let's see who can throw the best of you."
In front of the house are three stumbling blocks, one of them for Jenny Schwalm. The third digit of the year of birth (Jg.) of Jenny Schwalm is B.

Station 3: House of the Moses family (Kirchplatz)

The cheered crowd moved across the church square past the house of Moritz Moses. Nothing was destroyed here. Moses had been led around a few years earlier for alleged desecration of an Aryan girl in the city and later killed in the neighboring village of Ziegenhain in an encroachment.
In front of the house a stumble stone reminds of Moritz Moses. The last digit of the year in which Moses was killed is C.
Tip: You can find the stumble stones right in front of the staircase.

Station 4: Simon Mathias house and business (Braugasse)

Next destination was the house of the family Mathias in the Braugasse. From here, the driver Hans Knauf took the lead. Meanwhile, students from the secondary school had also joined. Mathias ran a hardware and tool shop in Braugasse. With a pole, the windows and the door panel were pushed in, then destroyed the home furnishings. Mathias was chased through the apartment. His wife tried in vain to persuade the attackers to give in, pointing out that her husband had lost an eye in the First World War as a German soldier.
You take the house number for D (the entrance to the house is walled out).

Station 5: House and shop of Josef Abraham (Marktplatz / Burggasse)

On the market place the fabric and haberdashery store of Josef Abraham was devastated, the windows were broken and the goods thrown outside. The feathers from the pillows flew over the marketplace.
A part of the front gable is covered with wooden shingles (towards the market square). The single-digit cross sum of the number of windows in this wall (the windows on the ground floor do not count) is E.

Station 6: Family house of Isaak Plaut / Former Synagogue (Neue Straße)

The crowd moved from the market square to the street called Neuer Weg, to the apartment of the teacher Isaac Plaut and the adjoining synagogue. First, the teacher's apartment was devastated. He was not at home, but stayed in Siegen and was arrested there. He was deported to the Oranienburg concentration camp and drowned there in a cesspool.
Subsequently, the synagogue was looted, the rich furnishings were destroyed. The Torah scroll lay in the dirt in the street. Neighbors prevented the synagogue from being lit. They feared that their houses close by burned down with them. The synagogue had no function after the killing and the departure of the Treysa Jews and was torn down in the late 1950s.
On the right side of the street, a commemorative plaque was placed at a wall. The single-digit cross sum of the year of the suspension of the panel (in the last line) is F.

Station 7: Building Materials and Hardware Store by Abraham Katzenstein II (Wagnergasse 22)

Goods were also stolen in this shop, furniture and displays were destroyed. The whole attacs at that day lasted until the afternoon.
In front of the house, two stumbling blocks remind of the fate of the former inhabitants. The last number of the year of birth (Jg.) of Abraham Katzenstein is G.

No one openly showed solidarity with the Jewish families. It is reported that some residents disapproved of the action. Some of the children were asked to bring back items stolen from the shops and houses. Nevertheless, the harassment continued. In the evening Levi Levi, who lived in the Niederrheinische Straße (today Wiegelsweg 2), was harassed in the worst way by a group of SA men. He was forced to walk to the river Schwalm without shoes and jump into the cold river several times. Levi died in 1942 in Theresienstadt.
As a result, there were further attacks on Treysa citizens. Even the Jewish cemetery was devastated, but is not fixed when this happend exactly.

Calculation of the final

A =
B =
C =
D =
E =
F =
G =

The destination coordinates are calculated as follows:
N 50 ° (A-2) G.CDF '
E 9 ° EE.D (B-4) D '

For checking:
Simple checksum of the last three digits of the north coordinate: 14
Simple checksum of the last three digits of the eastern coordinate: 11

In the container of the final there is room for small TBs or coins. There you will also find a hint for the bonus on the way back.

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Many thanks to Bernd Lindenthal for his efforts and his consulting. Last but not least I want to express my thanks to the Co of Schnudi & Co and to boro0470 for their valuable tipps after the betatest.


Merlin, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Punti addizionali   Conversione coordinate

N 50° 54.760'
E 009° 11.139'
Parkplatz für PKW und Fahrräder
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.767'
E 009° 11.138'
Station 1: Ehemalige Stadtschule Treysa
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.751'
E 009° 11.137'
Station 2: Haus der Familie Schwalm
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.782'
E 009° 11.183'
Station 3: Haus der Familie Moses
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.799'
E 009° 11.196'
Station 4: Haus und Geschäft von Simon Mathias
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.755'
E 009° 11.337'
Station 5: Wohnhaus und Geschäft von Josef Abraham
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.838'
E 009° 11.111'
Station 6: Haus der Familie Isaak Plaut/Synagoge
Punto di riferimento
N 50° 54.848'
E 009° 11.068'
Station 7: Geschäft von Abraham Katzenstein II
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Nota 02. giugno 2019 Ralyx ha scritto una nota

Am 4. Mai hat Gunter Demnig den Stolperstein für Abraham Katzenstein mit einigen anderen wieder verlegt. Ich habe daher den Hinweis, den ich kurzzeitig auf GC stehen hatte, hier auf OC nicht gepostet. Der Cache ist so zu finden wie angegeben. Viel Erfolg und eine gute Zeit in Schwalmstadt.

Nota The geocache description is outdated. 02. giugno 2019 following ha scritto una nota

Laut Angabe auf einer anderen Website fehlt der Gedenkstein, der für die Zahl G benötigt wird. Lässt sich auch ergooglen, aber Obacht: Es gab mehrere Abraham Katzensteins. Hier geht es um den in Treysa.