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Geocache Tradizionale
Sahat Kula

 Traditional cache in the center of old town

di vanjakom     Montenegro

N 42° 27.104' E 018° 32.227' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: micro
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 Nascosta il: 05. gennaio 2019
 Pubblicata il: 06. gennaio 2019
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 06. gennaio 2019
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Descrizione    English (Inglese)

Tower Sahat-Kula is located in Herceg Novi at the entrance to the old town between the squares of Dzhurkovicha and Duke Stefan. By order of Turkish sultan Mahmud Clock Tower Sahat Kula was built in 1667. During the Turkish period there was a mosque on the square near the tower. Sahat Kul has on several sides mechanical clocks, which showed that it was time for daily Muslim prayers. In addition, the tower has served as the main gate of the town. The tower is not only a monument of architecture of Herceg Novi and its historical sights, but also the main heraldic symbol of the town. Its image is used on the flag of the town and all kinds of tourist trappings. The tower, which has become the most recognizable feature of Herceg Novi, has some other names: Tora, Sahat Kula or simply Clock Tower.

In 1753, the Russian Empress Catherine II made a gift to the citizens of Herceg Novi, bell-alarm appeared in the tower, which is preserved to this day.

There is a unique relief inside the Clock Tower that deserves special attention. This is an image of Our Lady under the title "Black Madonna", made of old smoked wood. The author of this work is the sculptor Afran Hozich from Sarajevo. And the relief itself was established in memory of the founder of Herceg Novi Bosnian king Tvrtko I.

The old mechanical clock, which worked correctly all the time, were replaced with new electronic one in 1995. It was a gift to the people of Herceg Novi from the Serbian municipality of Zemun. In Sahat- Kula tower is still preserved an ancient archive of the town, where the oldest historical document dated by 1685 year.

When you are climbing steps to Sahat-Kula on your right you will see black metal window bars on basement window, cache is hidden behind them.

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tower at night
tower at night
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spoiler picture
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historical photo
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trovata 05. aprile 2019, 14:41 bessergeradeaus ha trovato la geocache

Ein interessanter Stilmix, an interesting mix of styles - TFTC - DfdC     :-)

trovata 04. aprile 2019, 15:34 ziggezagge ha trovato la geocache

Schneller Fund, wenig Muggels heute!