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Auf SalzAlpenTour: Barmstein-Gutrath-Runde

 On the fence between Salzburg and Bavaria on the traces of the salt production

di TeamMB     Germania > Bayern > Berchtesgadener Land

N 47° 41.340' E 013° 04.090' (WGS84)

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 Tempo necessario: 5:00 h   Lunghezza percorso: 10 km
 Nascosta il: 19. marzo 2019
 Pubblicata il: 12. gennaio 2020
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 13. gennaio 2020
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC151AE

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General information
The SalzAlpenSteig is a consistently marked "premium" long-distance hiking trail on partially infrequent (or specially created) trails from Prien am Chiemsee via the Chiemgau, the Berchtesgadner and Salzburger Alps to Hallstatt am Hallstätter See (Lake) in the footsteps of a formerly large, economically significant and often embattled industry: the salt industry. Additionally circular routes were set up at lovely places related to the topic with good views, such as the SalzAlpenTour Barmstein-Gutrath.

About the circular route
The Multi cache is based upon the official routing. The tour begins in Mehlweg, which is known from “The Sound of Music” and attracts many, especially US-American and Asian visitors for a photo or video at this well-known and popular photo location. Above it’s also a hidden, idyllic area with a picturesque view. The circular route is about 10 km long, leads over almost 600 m in height and runs partly on the Bavarian, partly on the Austrian side and a bit exactly on the border, so that you can walk with one foot in Bavaria and with the other on you can hike in the Salzburg region - a borderline ridge walk.  ;) On this tour you can also find traces of the former mining operation on the Austrian side: signs warn of blasting in the (former) blasting area. Other highlights of the varied tour are two chapels (the Mehlweg chapel and the Hubertus chapel), the Gutrath ruins and the two rocks called Barmsteine, which can be reached with a quick side trip from the tour if your condition permits it. With an eye on the viewpoint, it is definitely recommended! Because the path is partially muddy, shoes with grip and hiking sticks may be helpful.

About the cache:
The Multi cache consists of 7 stages. The listing coordinates point to a free parking lot, which is a good starting point (further up is also one, but it’s limited to 3 hours). You can also start the tour elsewhere (e.g. in Kaltenhausen), start at each stage and complete it in any order. When you have found all the answers, a cache will be waiting near the listing coordinates at the end. If you want to save yourself a few extra meters, you can go the other way around. However, the questions are easier to answer if you hike the round in the suggested direction.

Stage 1 - near Mehlweg chapel
After passing the Mehlweg chapel you come to an information board at N 47° 41.435 E 013° 04.178. On this board there is a tower depicted at the bottom on the right. What's his name?
A = number of letters

Stage 2: Go towards the Barmsteine to N47° 41.401 E 013° 04.336. There you will find a two-digit number on an electricity pylon. This is B.

Stage 3: Big Barmstein at N 47° 41.492 E 013° 04.424
In an unspoilt forest below the large Barmstein you can see an inscription at the wall of rock. The top line consists of three characters. The third character (rightmost) is searched.
C = letter value of the third letter

Stage 4: near Hubertuskapelle at N 47° 42.044 E 013° 04.010
On the way to the Hubertus chapel you will pass a sign that says something is forbidden. What is it?
D = number of letters of the forbidden action (verb in German)

Stage 5: near Ruin Gutrath at N 47° 42.371 E 013° 03.598
A saint is commemorated shortly before the ruin. What's her name?
E = letter value of the last letter

Stage 6: former blasting area at N 47° 42.582 E 013° 03.074
A sign warns of blasting in the former blasting area. How many different signals are mentioned on the sign?
F = number of different signals

Stage 7: On the border at N 47° 41.901 E 013° 03.593
The path is flanked by umpteen boundary stones. There are some letters and numbers on each boundary stone: always a two-digit number at the top and at the bottom. The lower two-digit number at exactly these coordinates is looked for (G).

The round is done! Let’s go to the cache at

N 47° (B-(5*C)).(F)(A-F-C)(D-E)
E 013° (A-C-F).(((B*(A-C²))+(F*G))+D)

Have fun! :)

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Punto di riferimento
N 47° 41.435'
E 013° 04.178'
Stage 1 - Infotafel Nähe Mehlwegkapelle
Punto di riferimento
N 47° 41.401'
E 013° 04.336'
Stage 2 - Strommasten Richtung Barmsteine
Punto di riferimento
N 47° 41.492'
E 013° 04.424'
Stage 3 - großer Barmstein
Punto di riferimento
N 47° 42.044'
E 013° 04.010'
Stage 4 - Schild Nähe Hubertuskapelle
Punto di riferimento
N 47° 42.371'
E 013° 03.598'
Stage 5 - Schild Nähe Ruine Gutrath
Punto di riferimento
N 47° 42.582'
E 013° 03.074'
Stage 6 - Schild ehem. Sprenggebiet
Punto di riferimento
N 47° 41.901'
E 013° 03.593'
Stage 7 - Auf der Grenze
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fgbpx, haqre fgbar, f. fcbvyre cvpgherf



Ruine Gutrath
Ruine Gutrath
Aussicht von der Ruine
Aussicht von der Ruine
Blick vom Grad
Blick vom Grad


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