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N 47° 37.889' E 013° 02.421' (WGS84)

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For many people worldwide, the Obersalzberg is inextricably linked with the "Third Reich", although it is actually a beautiful mountain - perfect for hiking, cycling, sledging, skiing and enjoying the view. It got its current meaning with the forced displacement of the residents (especially) to the Schönau in the 1930s and the "occupation" of the mountain by the National Socialists (“Führersperrgebiet”). Checkpoints at the access roads and bunkers hidden in the forest should ensure that only authorized people entered it.
On April 25th in 1945 British fighter bombers attacked the Obersalzberg from above and destroyed a lot. The bomb craters around the Eagle's Nest still testify the numerous attempts to hit it. What remained of the attacks was largely pillaged and demolished by the advancing infantry.Those who roam the Obersalzberg with open eyes and some background knowledge can still recognize the one or another silent contemporary witnesses today. Anyway – the US-Administration built a golf course, ski lifts and a rest home for their soldiers there. They renamed the Hotel Platterhof in "Hotel General Walker" and its (still existing) restaurant in Skytop Lodge.
The situation for the local population changed only partially when the Obersalzberg was given back to Bavaria in 1996. In 1999, the Munich Institute for Contemporary History opened a memorial (Obersalzberg documentation) for accounting the past in the former guest house “Hoher Göll”. This provides impressive information about the Obersalzberg in the time of National Socialism, the regime and the occurrences at that time. Because of the unexpectedly high attendance (over 150000 visitors / year), it is to be expanded at other points on the Obersalzberg.

About the cache:
Since the Institute für Zeitgeschichte doesn’t want a cache nearby the memorial, the box is located somewhat away at a beautiful historical viewpoint with a good view at the Kehlsteinhaus, the Salzburg fortress, the Laroswacht and the Kneifelspitze. The cache is a mini hiking multi or mini MTB multi. The distance from the starting point to the final is approx. 2.5 km, 150 m elevation gain and 45 minutes (+/- depending on the condition and chosen route, faster with the MTB).

Stage 1: The starting point is at the museum. There is a large (fee required) parking lot. When you arrive at the coordinates, you are standing near the entrance in front of a reallocation plan with a green background.
Answer the following questions to determine the final coordinates:

1. Number of the restaurant (on the bright stripe, right edge of the information board)? A = number

2. Number of the souvenir shop (on the bright stripe, right edge of the information board, without letters)? B = number

3. A house is shown at the upper left corner of the map. What’s it called (German name)? C = sum of letters

You can find the cache at:
N 47 ° (A) (B * 2). (A) ((C- (B * A)) / B)
E 013 ° (A-A) (B / 2). (B-A) (B + A) (A²)

Have fun! :)

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Die Dokumentation


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