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SSVC: Brooklyn Bridge Park

 Brooklyn Bridge and Manhatten Bridge viewpoint

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N 40° 42.239' W 073° 59.442' (WGS84)

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 Verborgen op: 10. januari 2020
 Published on: 10. januari 2020
 Laatste verandering: 11. januari 2020
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC15D1D

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SightSeeingVirtualCaches are virtual caches that show you sights all over the world. The caches of this series are always OC-Only and can only be logged with a password that can be found at the cache location.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park

From here, you have a wonderful view of the skyline of Manhatten. With both the Brooklyn Bridge (left) and the Manhatten Bridge (right).

A password is required to log in the cache. This is the last word in the "Brooklyn Park" plaque embedded in the floor at the given coordinates.

A photo of you in the park would be nice. (But it is not a must)


Brooklyn Bridge and Manhatten Bridge view
Brooklyn Bridge and Manhatten Bridge view


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