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El Montgri

 You should wear good shoes! It's a small footpath. The way up will last about 1h!!! Remember to take the 3 pictures with

di Landyman     Spagna > Cataluña > Girona

N 42° 03.121' E 003° 07.900' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 13. agosto 2003
 Pubblicata dal: 09. giugno 2006
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 24. aprile 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC1FDC
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You should wear good shoes! It's a small footpath. The way up will last about 1h!!! Remember to take the 3 pictures with!/p Starting point is Torroella de Montgrí. Follow the signs to Castell de Montgrí.
At N 42° 02.751' E 003° 07.739' you can park your car because you can't reach the cache by car.

Find a little footpath at a figtree to the left. Follow the red and white marks that you will find painted on some stones.

When you reach the Castell de Montgrí you are already very close to the cache. Now you have to watch out with your 3 pictures Montgri 1-3 to find the Cache-Coordinates.

The Cache-Coors are:

N 42° 03.CAE
E 003° 07.BBF

Have a nice time and beautiful weather conditions like we had!!!

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Gur pnpur vf uvqqra oruvaq n fgbar gung vf n yvggyr ovg qnexre.



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trovata 06. agosto 2019, 13:49 TCat600 ha trovato la geocache

Schon mal 2006, 2009 als Muggel hier gewesen. 2016 war ich hier leider nicht erfolgreich.
Heute haben wir das Ding mit vereinten Kräften gut gefunden.
Gruß aus dem Fürstentum Lippe

trovata 07. marzo 2016 Blinky Bill ha trovato la geocache

Da wir ebenfalls den Multi Ermita de Santa Caterina laufen wollten, haben wir uns eben für diese Ermita als Startpunkt für die Tour zum Castell entschieden. Die Ermita ist über eine Schotterpiste auch mit herkömmlichen PKW's zu erreichen. Von dort aus ging es dann leicht bergauf zum Castell, wo die Aufgaben recht zügig gelöst werden konnten. Bevor es aber zum Final ging, wurde das Castell erst einmal erklommen und die Aussicht genossen [^]
Ein toller Ort und eine schöne alte Dose [:D], die uns mal wieder an die Anfänge des Geocachings erinnert hat, als fast alle Caches noch richtig Spaß gemacht haben.

Vielen Dank an Landyman & Co. für diesen Cache [:)]

Out: TB
In: trackables

**Blinkies** - Kerstin & Marco

trovata 03. settembre 2012, 21:00 RoRo ha trovato la geocache

When we drove from Barcelona airport to our holiday residence on Saturday, we saw this castell and I asked awiline whether we may visit it...
Today we answered this question with "yes".
It wasn't too hot today but the wind was very strong, especially between the two hills and on the top of the castell, but we had a great view.

We found all three photos, but No. 1 was really hard to decode. At least our result isn't fully consistent with the age of this this cache, but with the spoiler we found the box before the wind was able to blow it off the hill.

Thanks for this great experience and showing this location.

trovata Raccomandata 26. agosto 2010 hagman ha trovato la geocache

A really niceclimb to a beautiful location. We made an excursion here early in the morning from our stay in Sant Pere Pescador. Halfway up we met a family coming down telling us we had missed the best part - sunrise! And while climbing down and watching our steps carefully, we were overhauled by a fast running jogger! And our local frinds already thought we were crazy ...

IN: Bowling pin

OUT: fish

trovata 28. maggio 2008 Blue Savina ha trovato la geocache

This was our second visit to this castle, now combined with this geocache. We had a beautiful walk to this place and further to Les Dunes and back.
We think we saw another team logging the cache from a few hundred meters away ;)
Thanks for this wonderful tour!
In: TB, Coin

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