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Sign of the Five

 Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem

di npg     Austria > Oberösterreich > Linz-Wels

N 48° 03.129' E 013° 53.109' (WGS84)

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 Lunghezza percorso: 3.0 km
 Nascosta il: 01. febbraio 2007
 Pubblicata dal: 28. gennaio 2007
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 17. gennaio 2017
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I still remember well, almost a year ago.

...' All well? You looking very bad...'
. The man who recently appeared between the trees, looked really pathetic. disrupted clothes, scratches everywhere and a look as the death would be personally behind him.
' Help, please! The one-eyed witch .... me sacrifice .... skin... Soup.... Treasure .... please.... Help... '

Dark creatures hiding itself in the undergrowth -i have noted them some time ago - at least- he was probably pursued.
' Come, it' probably better to find a secure place for you'
Fast I helped him on my horse - when 3 of the figures tried to surprise us.... I pulled my weapon ... astonishing result was : They fled loud back into the wood... Not very courageously these faithfuls of the witc.

I brought H.Smirz - so he was called -to the next city where he felt quite clearly more secure.
' You spoke of a treasure? They pursue you for that? '
' No, these creatures are odd-job men of Kalinka, the one-eyed witch. She wants to exterminate my family for any reason .... she is crazy! The treasure ......, well, you have helped me. I do not have him, nobody has him. I have only.... '
He pulled out a map and a parchment paper from his pocket


'The sign of Five.... Probably mean the Pentagram and the Pentagon. The map ...probably still comes from Paracelsus '-I joked.
' Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem...why not Paracelsus in the end, he worked there!' -he replied sharply.
' See here, I could find these places, I have also found some information... '
I mentioned doubt about a material value of this treasure - but he cannot be persuaded ...... It had been getting late, and we lay down to rest.
Early the next morning our ways separated: ' I will try it once again if I find him I will richly thank you for your help '

......... Yes, almost one year ago- and now a thick letter of H.Smirz addressed to me: A.Vambery . Nevertheless, he found?.... open .... the map, the confidential instructions ... and a short letter: ' No, I have failed - and the bloodhounds of the witch are close to me. . I send you the documents, maybe you have more luck than i . I have taken down some remarks on the map, as far as I could identify the confidential places. H.Smirz - protect you from Kalinka! '
I take a look at the map. Weak lines are to be recognised- I drag them. Pentagram and the Pentagon... Pentagram proves the Pentagon .... the sign of Five. I copy the original, and add some remarks ...... remember, what told Smirz at that time? ........ 2 conspiracy meeting places of Five.... whether do they still live?.... .... How Smirz meant U about meeting place: ' Dont use the soul hole (Seelenloch).. '

At the end of the document a row of figures - whether do they have a meaning ?- ' Look
out for the sign of Five if you in doubt.
.. ' For secure reason i send some copies to trustworthy persons....

On, against the adventure!

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[Tedesco] svaq fvta jvgu vafpevcgvba:Zbbe-Fpuhgm-Trovrg



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original note -depricated!..use note with comments!
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trovata 27. maggio 2014 mike3000 ha trovato la geocache

Heute gemeinsam mit brandy 1965 bei leider nicht allzu schönem Wetter hier wieder einmal nachgesehen, da wir beim letzten Besuch nur spärliche Informationen erhielten. Es war schon eher ein lost Place geworden. Aber der Owner hat hier mittlerweilen nach dem rechten gesehen, und sollte die Möglichkeit zum Lösen wiederhergestellt haben. Heute die Stationen abermals aufgesucht um Hinweise zusammenzutragen. Nachdem wir alle Hinweise die wir nicht gebraucht haben zusammengewürfelt haben und zu Plan B umgeschwenkt haben, ( Wir haben eben alle Punkte ausgeschlossen, wo die Dose nicht liegt = Ausschluss Verfahren ) kamen wir dem Finale immer wieder ein Stück näher, bis wir schließlich auch diese knifflige Aufgabe gelöst hatten, und die Dose in Händen halten durften. Und möge NIE mehr so ein verwirrendes Ding Irgendwo auftauchen, sämtliche Unterlagen hierzu wurden verbrannt, und für alle Ewigkeit vernichtet. DFDC !

trovata Raccomandata 03. febbraio 2007 howc ha trovato la geocache

Auch ein Member der FTF-Group... und jeder hat sein Scherflein beigetragen.
Ein wenig paranoia verfolgt mich noch, und ich glaube ich bin selbst mal etwas verwirrt aus dem Wald gebrochen.

Dabei ist doch eh alles so einfach, oder nicht?

when in doubt.... nanana, also das mit dem... und dort... und als dann Ant... und Kathy dann... stammel
will nach Hause

hart erkämpfte Sache und ohne die Ant/smurfsche Führung wohl eher in einem DNF ausgeartet.
ich bin aber noch nicht sicher ob ich mich bedanke. Mal schaun wovon ich heute Träume!!!!!1