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Drive-In Geocache
Zielinskissimus Agetatio

 Urban experimental cache

di Mystphi     Germania > Hamburg > Hamburg

N 53° 35.198' E 010° 07.385' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: piccola
Stato: disponibile
 Tempo necessario: 0:30 h 
 Nascosta il: 13. luglio 2007
 Pubblicata dal: 09. luglio 2007
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 14. maggio 2019
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC3B4B
Pubblicata anche su: geocaching.com 

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Storia Geoketry
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Descrizione    Deutsch  ·  English (Inglese)

This cache is "driven out" in several respects. Certainly it will cause head banging, misunderstanding or perhaps indignation to some cachers. But all this may be discussed via mail. Although it is a drive-in, it is definitely not suitable for the lunch break. Only the gifted cachers will log it in a quarter of an hour. But it is better to calculate with 30-45 minutes. Fine office dress at the hunt is possible, but not recommended. For that the cache has an other special advantage. It is self camouflaging and so nearly 100% muggel resistant. If you are afraid in muggles, this cache is the right thing for you, for you can raise it without attract attention after you had located it. And for this you don't need your hands.

Important notes!

  • The rising and puting back costs time and is a little bit complicated. Be conscious of this!

  • It is not necessary to enter railway area!

  • Get off the installations at site (rain duct, boxes, covers, bike stands or electrics)! The cache is not there.

  • DON'T touch anything belonging to the nearby kiosk!

  • During your hunt you have to to go to an auxilliary stage. You find its coordinates at the cache.

  • Don't try to raise the cache without the auxilliary stage! You will be suspect for muggles!

  • At every step you will do you must be able to do it backwards. Think about this before doing anything!

But now enough of words. Go and take your own impressions. I wish much fun and success.

Suggerimenti addizionali   Decripta

[Cache]: Urenyqel: Gjb bs guvf svir ner abg yvxr gur bgure (abguvat sebz gur xvbfx!!).
[Helpstage]: Orgjrra cyngr naq qbbe.



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Log per Zielinskissimus Agetatio    trovata 135x non trovata 1x Nota 52x Manutenzione 6x

trovata 21. agosto 2019, 19:25 MichelleM ha trovato la geocache

Nach 3 Versuchen gefunden. Mit stef_m2

OC-Team disponibile 14. maggio 2019 dogesu ha attivato l ageocache

Ist nun wieder machbar!

OC-Team temporaneamente non disponibile 25. aprile 2019 dogesu ha disabilitato la cache

Während des Giga-Events auf der anderen Plattform wird hier zwischen dem 27. April und dem 12. Mai zum Schutz der Location keine Dose vor Ort sein.

dogesu (OC-Support)

trovata 09. novembre 2018, 15:39 ronnyst277 ha trovato la geocache

Mal wieder ein genialer Cache von Mystphi! Ein großer Dank geht gen Himmel zum Cachervorbild!
RIP Mystphi!

trovata Raccomandata 04. novembre 2018 capoaira ha trovato la geocache

Heute ging es mit DennyHH, Hummi54 und XenSou auf Mystphi-Tour.
Wahnsinn, was für schöne Caches wir gefunden haben!💙
Was für ein Genialer Cache! Nachdem wir den Cache dank TJ lokalisiert hatten, war das weitere finden und öffnen kein Problem mehr. Ich habe sogar schon mal ein Praktikum in die Richtung gemacht. 😂
Um diesem Cache binde ich gerne eine blaue Schleife💙, damit die nächsten nicht so blind rumlaufen wie wir. [;)]

DfdC sagt capoaira

Danke an Mystphi für meinen 4449. [:)]!
Grüße aus Bremen - dem kleinsten aber feinsten Bundesland [;)]