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Megali Grava

di Special K.     Grecia

N 39° 46.617' E 019° 53.396' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 18. agosto 2006
 Pubblicata dal: 22. novembre 2007
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 24. aprile 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC4943
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... is a big cave southeast of Loutses. It's big mouth is a sign of it's origin. Once it was an underground river but the ceilings are tumbled down long ago.
The cave is one of the oldest habitat of human beings on Corfu. Archaeological researches detected that the cave was inhabited in the Stone Age aprox. 9000 years ago.

Megáli Grava


Go to Loutses and follow the sign "CAVE" at N39 47.059 E19 52.820. Turn right at the junction at N39 46.958 E19 53.001 and follow the gravel road up hill as far as you can. You can park your car approx. 100m from the cave.


...is hidden at the root of a small tree under some stones. It's a small plastic box that contains a logbook, pencil and some small trading items.

There is no need to enter the cave for finding the cache, but don't miss it!

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Small note on cache maintenance: Witje, who has a home on Corfu, has graciously offered to assist with cache maintenance. Thanks!


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trovata 06. agosto 2018, 12:12 guido-pdm ha trovato la geocache

Vielen Dank Special K. fürs herführen, legen und pflegen meines persönlichen #46igsten gefundenen Cache. DFDC.

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 29. giugno 2018, 11:30 xytras ha trovato la geocache

Absoultely stunning place, thanks for showing us!

trovata 17. settembre 2013 Li83 ha trovato la geocache

Danke für den Cache an der schönen Höhle. Hat uns sehr gut gefallen.

trovata 16. settembre 2013 ALB_atros ha trovato la geocache

Found it Found it

During my visit in Korfu i found this nice Cache.
Thanks to the Owner und Regards from ALB_atros

trovata 09. maggio 2011 KTMA ha trovato la geocache

geloggt 11.15 Uhr nach einiger Sucherei bei leichtem Regen. Sehr geheimnisvolle Höhle - durch die Einsamkeit Anfang Mai fast schon gespenstig (zum Glück waren wir ja zu zweit Zwinkernd)

Danke fürs Legen