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The geocache description is outdated.

Geocache Tradizionale
Moni Panagia Akroudila

di Special K.     Grecia

This geocache description may be outdated. See the log entries for more information.

N 39° 21.842' E 020° 06.431' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 16. agosto 2006
 Pubblicata dal: 22. novembre 2007
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 24. aprile 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC4944
Pubblicata anche su: geocaching.com 

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...is a monastery built in the 18th century - sanctified to the holy maiden of Akroudíla - is derelicted long ago. The baroque bell tower and the altar are still remaining. It's a very quite place that is not visited by many tourists.
As the monastery is located at the steep coast you'll have a great view to the isle of Paxós.

If you like shwimming or snorkeling in the sea but don't like the crowded beaches, then you should try "Akroudíla Beach" at the south end of Corfu (N 39 21.842 E 20 06.431).

Panágia Akroudíla


Start at the south end of Kavós and follow the sign post to "Moni Panágia Akroudíla" through an olive grove. Pass the junction to the beach at N39 22.249 E20 06.557 and go to N39 22.010 E20 06.733 where you can park your car. From here the way leeds you through a wood of cypresses, oaks and ash trees to the monastery.


...is hidden in the wall of the bell tower. It's a small plastic box that contains a logbook, pencil and some small trading items.

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Small note on cache maintenance: Witje, who has a home on Corfu, has graciously offered to assist with cache maintenance. Thanks!


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Log per Moni Panagia Akroudila    trovata 12x non trovata 0x Nota 1x

trovata 16. maggio 2019, 12:09 Hiker K-Team ha trovato la geocache

Bei einer Rundwanderung schnell gefunden. Die Koordinaten weichen ca 15. Meter ab. Vorsicht Spinnen.

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. The geocache description is outdated. 27. giugno 2018, 18:00 xytras ha trovato la geocache

After long searching we finaly found it - now proper coords are: N39 21.851 E20 6.441. Thanks for showing us this place!

trovata 31. maggio 2018, 13:40 Cacique Arariboia ha trovato la geocache

Auf einer kurzen Wanderung bei über 30 Grad tapfer geschwitzt und  bei den Ruinen des Klosters zunächst die Aussicht in die Tiefe fotografiert und dann auf die Suche gemacht. Die Koords sind irreführend, das Listing passt. Das Döschen ist neu und in der Wand beim Glockenturm.

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. The geocache description is ok. 14. maggio 2018, 18:58 xnopasaranx ha trovato la geocache

the latest coordinates are valid and the cache seemed well maintained.

a warning to all geocachers trying to find it: there is a hornets nest in the vicinity of the monastery entrance, which we walked right into.

luckily we were not stung, but a couple of hornets came out to guard their lair. They might be there for a while. The cache is well worth the short trip up the hill. Don't take your car, the olive meadows on the way are worth the walk. pack a towel and bathing suit, there is a (not so secret as there are signs everywhere) beautiful "secret" beach branching off the path, about 400m deviation from the cache. we spent a couple of hours there and it's well off the tourists regular spots. pack some sunscreen aswell, because there is no shade unless you bring your own umbrella.

the inn owners we are staying with told us, that the monastery was destroyed about a decade ago by an earthquake and there are plans to rebuild it next year, so go grab the cache while it's still there!

OC-Team Nota The geocache description is outdated. 13. marzo 2016 dogesu ha scritto una nota

This Listing may be obsolete. There is additional information in the description of geocaching.com: "If you can't find the cache there, please try at N39 21.857 E20 06.441 under some rocks. Thanks Mattho for update."

After the owner has updated this listing, he can documentate this by himself by writing a log of the type "kann gesucht werden".

If there are any questions you can contact me or theteam.

dogesu (OC-Support)