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Voss - Margarine

 Strange cache at strange Monument!

di Mystphi     Germania > Hamburg > Hamburg

N 53° 35.501' E 010° 03.297' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: piccola
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 Tempo necessario: 0:30 h   Lunghezza percorso: 0.7 km
 Nascosta il: 21. aprile 2008
 Pubblicata dal: 18. aprile 2008
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 15. maggio 2019
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC57E2
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"V-O-S-S M-A-R-G-A-R-I-N-E"!
I remember the pride of this pupil in the schoolbus who was the first to read the letters on this bombastic factory building. This factory really was an eye-catcher, because it was the biggest in the nearer surroundings and the cow head and the cook were looking down so pert from the top. All in one an imposing sight and a prospering company. But time goes by, I changed the school, lost this factory out of my eyes, and production of margarine lost importance for the factory. 1978 it was closed. Long time it stood there as a Ruin. in 1986 a big monster made of glass and steel devoured this building from behind. In the last moment this was stopped by memorial protection. Now this monster lays there thick and filled and the former entree of the factory looks out of its mouth like a "little trophy". This is the image you get by looking at this strange building arrangement. And exact that you can do now in this multi.

The start coordinates guides you to a point where you can see the strangeness of this sight. You also can see the former main entrance of the factory. Exact there you go now. You find there an information board. Around the door and on the sharp edges of the facade you find stones with ornamental pictures. There are two different motives. One is a wave motive, the other is a leaf or twig motive. Now count the complete number of each of these two motives. The coordinates for stage 2 you can calculate as follows:

A = Number of the twig motives (Note! Don't forget the facade edges!)
B = Number of the wave motives

X = 13 * A + 15
Y = 44 * B + 10
Z = B * X

Stage 2 you find at N53° 35.X / E10° 03.Y. There you find all you need for the final. The meaning of the value Z you will understand in the moment you find stage 2. The "scroll" with the further information often hides itself very good. Inspect that, what you find at stage 2, carefully!

The final is situated very exposed. It is nearly impossible to raise the final without being observed. But it has an effective SEP-field (Somebody-else's-problem-field). This you can use by raising the final straight away without looking around too much. But if somebody asks you what you are doing, give correct information.

Some important notes!
  • This cache is very violence-sensitive. Rough characters, hold yourself back! This cache needs much sensitiveness!

  • Especially at putting back it is not necessaryto do all things with force to their ends!

  • Rat pack caching at this multi is the absolute worst way! A single person or two will get better result.

  • Caching in a group is possible by first searching for the final together with all, then leaving the location and after that raising the final by one person.

  • If there are still technical problems at the raising of the final, stopp raising immediately and inform me. In this case please no futher raising trial!

I wish all cachers much fun and "strong nerves" at this strange multi ;-). Please also log your visit at geocaching.com!

Suggerimenti addizionali   Decripta

[Stage 2]: Cnexvat fvta.
[Final]: Ybbx hc!



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OC-Team disponibile 14. maggio 2019 dogesu ha attivato l ageocache

Ist nun wieder machbar!

OC-Team temporaneamente non disponibile 25. aprile 2019 dogesu ha disabilitato la cache

Während des Giga-Events auf der anderen Plattform wird hier zwischen dem 27. April und dem 12. Mai zum Schutz der Location keine Dose vor Ort sein.

dogesu (OC-Support)

trovata 23. aprile 2019, 13:56 Team grauzac ha trovato la geocache

Heute mit TN2 und Zawergi gut gefunden... Respekt....super Idee....danke fürs Zeigen, Legen und Pflegen...
Danke für den Cache ◾ Thanks for that Cache ◾ Merci pour la Cache ◾ Dzięki za Cache ◾ Grazie per questo Cache ◾ Takk for at Cache ◾ Obrigado por isso Cache ◾ Gracias por el Cache ◾ Díky za keš ◾ Ačiū už tą talpyklą ◾ Paldies par šo Cache ◾ Aitäh selle eest Cache ◾ Спасибо за то кэш ◾ Kiitos, että Cache ◾ Tack för att Cache ◾ Tak for denne Cache ◾ Hvala cache ◾Ευχαριστώ για τη μνήμη cache ◾ 感謝您的高速緩存 ◾ Önbellek için teşekkürler ◾ Köszönjük, hogy a cache ◾ Bedankt voor de cache ◾ Graças para o cache ◾ Dankon pro la kaŝmemorone ◾ Dankä für de cäsch 
sagt Team grauzac

trovata 23. aprile 2019, 13:54 zawergi ha trovato la geocache

Gut gefunden mit Team Grauzac, TN2, Shrakt. TFTC

trovata 13. aprile 2019, 11:28 Pare2012 ha trovato la geocache

Ein super Cache! Wir hatten sehr viel Freude damit.