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Vordere(r) Mandling

 Hike on top of a 925 m high mountain, part of the foothills of the Alps; no inn on the way.

di M.W.     Austria > Niederösterreich > Niederösterreich-Süd

N 47° 53.235' E 016° 02.886' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 05. aprile 2009
 Pubblicata dal: 05. aprile 2009
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 13. giugno 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OC7D7C
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The hike leads you on the top of Vordere Mandling, a 925 m high mountain in the south of Vienna.
Within a longer hike this cache can be combined with "Hohen Mandling".

N1 = 47°53.235
E1 = 016°02.886

Which colour has the blossom on the cross?
brown--> A=6
black--> A=8
gold --> A=10
silver--> A=12

How many petals is the blossom consisting of? Take the number for B.
(B less than 10!)

Add all digits shown on the plate, take the result for C.

NC = N1 + (A + 2*C)/1000
EC = E1 + (A*B)/1000

Good luck!

initial content:
logbook, disclaimer, pen, sharpener (please don't remove)
picture frame
key fob
2 pigs

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trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 10. giugno 2019 Hynz ha trovato la geocache

Mein Start war im Stampftal und bei N47 53.486 E16 02.716 bin ich von der Forststrasse abgezweigt und einem recht steilen und ein wenig verwachsenem Pfad gefolgt der mich zum 231er gebracht hat. Zu den Headerkoordinaten wars dann ausser steil kein Problem mehr. Erst die Berechnung der Endkoordinaten haben mich realisieren lassen, dass ich mich schon auf dem Gipfel der "Vordere Mandling" befinde und die Endkoordinaten mich nicht erst dahin bringen wo diese sich laut OSM befindet. Dort bin ich anschliessend trotzdem hinmarschiert aber die Dose war an einem signifikant netteren Ort versteckt. Bin dann in einer groesseren Schleife ueber den Rosenkogel und einem unwegsamen steilen Abschnitt wieder ins Stampftal abgestiegen. Thanx, no trade.

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 25. dicembre 2017 Suntransitus ha trovato la geocache

Heute, bei strahlend sonnigem Christtagswetter, zusammen mit Nyaaac und Cachedog Suki auf die Vordere Mandling aufgemacht, um diesen bereits einmal angefangenen Cache zu heben. Am 13. Dezember war ich alleine hier oben gewesen, jedoch hatte sich der Cache auf Grund eines Rechenfehlers bei unwirtlichen Bedingungen nicht zeigen wollen.

Heute war es kein Problem. Am Gipfelkreuz angekommen bald den unterlaufenen Fehler erkannt. Schnell noch ins Gipfelbuch eingetragen, dann das nahegelegene Final des Caches aufgesucht. Für Cachedog Suki war es derweilen das größte Vergnügen zwischen Sonnenstrahlen und Schneeflecken spielen zu können.

Cachedose und Logbuch geht es gut!

Tu4t$ sagen

Nyaaac & Suntransitus ☉

trovata Raccomandata 06. dicembre 2015 cezanne ha trovato la geocache

Yesterday AnnaMoritz again used the approach with which we have made good experiences at previous occasions: look for old multi caches that are still active and have been hidden by a certain set of cache hiders of whom we have found nice cache before. By using a combined search on oc.de and gc.com she finally came up with this cache. I was instantly convinced that this cache would a good choice. It was a bit more work for AnnaMoritz to convince Cachen, nein danke (Cnd) and MoritzRabe but finally it worked out.

When we started in the morning it was very foggy in Vienna and it was drizzling out of the fog on our drive. On our way we drove past Woellersdorf, a village where some ancestors of myself come from and where I'm patiently waiting the the church register books become available online.

AnnaMoritz planned out trip once again perfectly. We approached the cache from Alkersdorf via the trail 231. We found a place to leave the car very closely to the point which AnnaMoritz had selected on the map as a potential starting point. When we got out of the car, it was quite fresh when compared to yesterday when it was sunny in Vienna. MoritzRabe had forgotten his gloves, but got CnD's gloves who had to freeze for a while. Still he complained in the first part of our walk. At some point we lost the marked trail (at a meadow) and then decided to reach it again via a short trackless episode. Apart from this small trackless part we always followed the marked trail and it was nevery hard to find.

The terrain was easier than I had expected it to be due to the T=3* rating. However at some points I had to mind my steps as due to the thick layers of foliage the stones on the trail were not visible.
At some points I sank really deep into the foliage. I wonder what happens if 50-70cm of soft snow are lying around. Then one might sink in really, really deep there.

Fortunately, after a while we reached the zone above the fog. The sun was shining and it was much warmer and nicer than down in the fog. MoritzRabe was a bit unmotivated in the first part of the section where the major part of the height meters had to be mastered and told me that he is lacking endurance. However suddenly he apparently refound his motivation and off he was and managed easily to catch up with CnD. AnnaMoritz followed behind and I followed with a larger distance. When the ground is not even, I'm much slower than the other three.

The summit cross was much smaller than we expected it to be in advance as the photos we have seen when looking for route recommandations are quite misleading. CnD and MoritzRabe had a lunch break and a nap in the sun below the summit. The view to the surroundings and down on the fog was very nice.

AnnaMoritz found the cache with her typical intuitive approach before I even managed to turn on my GPS-receiver, I had to insert new (storagy) batteries on the way and had not managed to get that done during one's of MoritzRabe breaks when he was not motivated to move on as he suddenly decided that he wants to catch up with CnD and ran away. The cache container and its contents are in perfect condition. The hideout is chosen in such a way that even I can reach it easily. No surefootedness or and no climbing skills are required.

AnnaMoritz and myself did not make a break in the sun, but started the descent right away. We were joined by MoritzRabe and CnD soon after we passed again the large meadow (there AnnaMoritz made me laugh by saying that this meadow only exists for the hunters - most probably she is right however, but I would not have looked at it from that perspective).

Soon thereafter we unfortunately again reach the fog zone and it became colder again. We reached the car without anything special to report. Afterwards we had lunch in a restaurant in Alkersdorf (apparently the only existing one). A visit of the castle and the advent market at castle Hernstein then provided a nice finish for today's trip which I enjoyed very much.

I enjoyed the easy and relaxing walk very much and the time we spent in the warm sun was an additional asset. I welcomed the fact that this cache does not require long stays at stages for searching for containers or for solving puzzles. I prefer caches where the walk/hike is at the centre of the cache and the container in the end is just the icing on the cake. Thank you for hiding this nice cache and thus leading us to a mountain we would not have visited otherwise.

Even though we passed by some caches of a traditional series we decided to ignore these caches and not to go for them. One nice cache per day fits my preferences much better than finding several caches per day where at the end of the day it's hard to remember anything specific about them. Even in 10 years I will still recall this cache which is certainly not the case for so many of the new style caches. I cannot understand why this cache gets so few visits while nearby traditionals get much more visits.

MoritzRabe was very glad however that we did not continue to the "Hohe Mandling" summit. In the season with longer days this might be a nice hike but on days like today one summit was enough for all of us.

No trade

trovata 06. dicembre 2015 AnnaMoritz ha trovato la geocache

Gestern schon hatte ich diesen Cache ohne Gegenstimme als Sonntagsprogramm zur Abstimmung gebracht, heute überzeugte mein leicht zensurierter Wetterbericht (Sonne ab 800m Seehöhe, eigentlich stand da ab 800-1000m lichtet sich der Nebel oder auch nicht) und schon ging es los aus Wien, wo es aus dem Nebel herausnieselte.

Als wir losgingen, kam sofort Protest von MoritzRabe, dem es zu kalt war. Aber schon ab 650m Seehöhe war am Hinweg tatsächlich strahlender Sonnenschein, mit Sonne war es auch gar nicht kalt.

MoritzRabe und Cnd ließen sich überreden, die nächste dringend fällige Pause incl. Verdrücken der mitgebrachten Jause erst 70m vor dem vermeintlichen Cachestandort zu machen, damit ich und Cezanne in Ruhe nach dem Cache schauen konnten. Den hatte ich gedanklich auf der Karte an einen bestimmten Platz gesetzt und dort war er auch schon erspäht, bevor Cezanne eine faire Chance hatte, das GPS aufzudrehen. Jetzt sehe ich, es hätte sogar ein Spoilerbild gegeben.

Weil es oben so sonnig war und es aussah, dass der Nebel wieder weiter nach oben kriecht, legten MoritzRabe und Cnd, die nachher sicher den Berg runterrennen wollten, etwas unterhalb des Gipfelkreuzes noch an einem passenden Plätzchen ein Schläfchen in der Sonne ein, während ich mich mit Cezanne schon auf den Rückweg machte. Bei 750m Seehöhe tauchten wir wieder in den feuchtkalten Nebel ein, gefühlt hatte es dann mindestens 10° weniger.

In einem Hohlweg liegt an einer Stelle soviel Laub, dass es im ersten Moment so aussah, als ob MoritzRabe verschluckt würde, es war aber in Wirklichkeit nur etwas über knietief.

Das war ein wirklich feiner Berg mit einem für den Anlass passenden Weg, nicht zu steil und nicht zu lang, insgesamt nicht ganz 10km. Mir gefallen ja sanft ansteigende bis mittelsteile lichte Kiefernwälder mit felsigen Graten durchsetzt sehr gut, eine perfekte Kombination für einen 6. Dezember-Ausflug mit 3h herrlichem Sonnenschein, eigentlich zum Glück hat dieser Wunschcache vorher noch nie richtig ins Programm gepasst. Eigentlich seltsam, dass vor heute seit 1. Mai keine Cacher da waren, so aus der Welt ist dieser Cache auch wieder nicht und die Aussicht von oben gut.

Danke sehr für den Anlass, diesen Berg als Ausflugsziel anzusteuern und TFTC

trovata 27. giugno 2013 Eagle_ ha trovato la geocache

Eine sehr schöne Gegend, vor allem, weil sie so einsam ist.
Fast ein drive-in. Sonst geht es immer von Felixdorf direkt auf die Hohe Mandling, nun hatte ich mal einen Grund, auch hier heraufzuschnaufen.