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The Berg

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di TheFrühtau     Germania > Berlin > Berlin

N 52° 28.315' E 013° 24.276' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 07. marzo 2010
 Pubblicata dal: 28. febbraio 2010
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 14. giugno 2011
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Berlin, Tempelhof - no one in fact is remembering something and there is disbelieving amazement, when old-established people refer that Tempelhof hasn't been a mountain ever since. Even more the area of The Berg is said to have been as plain and spacious for an airport.


A lot of phantasy would be needed to imagine the buildings on the north-western entry of The Berg as aircraft hangar. Apparently the construction is a tourists grandstand and ever has been, the sweeping halls below serving leisure and pleasure.

There must be a reason, some might argue, why the cabins of the funicular are shaped as airplanes. Few even talk about "Rosinenbomber". The origin of that name though is completely unfounded and no evidence ever has been found to prove relation to The Berg.

But, you may plead, Tempelhof WAS an airport, we have witnessed planes starting and landing there! - Humbug, I return, how could that ever have been real when there has been well interpreted research on the geological rock formation from millions of years on The Berg?


Not to mention the documents from the history of the hiking club of The Berg, The Frühtau, that prove evidence far back into a time where there hasn't been any air traffic at all. The existence of the rambling club thus evidences the long standing existence of The Berg. Every now and then yet another document appears, illustrating the history of The Berg through the centuries. See for yourself in the logs on this site!


That's not enough for your discerning eye? You can see The Berg 3D or get to know the emerging number of his fans on facebook. Even at Euston station in London people acknowledge The Berg.

The cache:

To log this cache you probably need Gimp, Photoshop or something similar in your caching equipment. Take a picture of you or your GPS-device at Tempelhof, upload that and tell your stories on The Berg. Or upload the picture of the mountain shelter with that perfect view on Berlin and where you spent your last unforgetable holidays hiking, cllmbing to the summit cross or skiing on the glacier. Not to mention the paraglide landing exactly on Alexanderplatz.

Especially take care that you do not violate any laws with your pictures (make sure you have the rights to use the material and to show the people who might be on your picture). That's why the difficulty of the cache is 2. If you're not sure about the legal situation you can also log log the cache without a picture just by telling a story or something similar.

The first to find will get a "Berg-surprise"!

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Lbh pna hfr cvpgherf bs Gur Oret gung lbh svaq ba uggc://jjj.gur-oret.qr.



The Berg
The Berg
The Halle
The Halle
The Bergziege
The Bergziege
The Horizont
The Horizont


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trovata 25. ottobre 2017 AndiOlli ha trovato la geocache

Mit SensaiWu gibg es gemeinsam klettern am "The Berg". Dank modernster Technik konnte ich hier den "The Berg" problemlos erzwingen. Das war ein Abenteuer.

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SensaiWu und AndiOlli am "The Berg"SensaiWu und AndiOlli am ´´The Berg´´

trovata 07. ottobre 2017 dogesu ha trovato la geocache

Den Start mit meinem zweirädrigen Cachemobil habe ich mir auch anders vorgestellt. Berlin ist ja eigentlich ganz flach, doch das hier war echt anstrengend.

Danke für den kreativen Virtual, dogesu

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Start am "The Berg"Start am ´´The Berg´´

trovata 09. maggio 2017, 12:05 mandy1108 ha trovato la geocache

trovata 30. dicembre 2015 Williwatch ha trovato la geocache

Wir waren bisher schon oft auf "The Berg". Diesmal sollte nach dem mühsamen Aufstieg  "The Tiefschneeabfahrt" folgen die in einem Drama endete auf das ich nicht näher eingehen will und auch keine weiteren Bilder mit GPS oder von "The Radarturm" gemacht hab.

Lasst euch gesagt sein, "The Berg" ist nicht ungefährlich!

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The SkiunfallThe Skiunfall

trovata 17. maggio 2014 Arni&Maria ha trovato la geocache

Dieser Berg ist wirklich gewaltig. Da haben wir auf unserer Tour entlang von The Klettersteig doch glatt die Zeit vergessen und so kommen wir erst heute dazu, unser Bild hier hochzuladen.

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The KlettersteigThe Klettersteig