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Riddle underearth - "Regelbau L487"

 Regelbau L487 "Ringelnatter-Stellung" KRYLE Huge German bunker from World War II

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N 56° 09.425' E 008° 07.307' (WGS84)

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Stato: disponibile
 Tempo necessario: 1:00 h   Lunghezza percorso: 2.0 km
 Nascosta il: 09. aprile 2012
 Pubblicata dal: 11. aprile 2012
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 16. aprile 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OCDFCA

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Descrizione    English (Inglese)

Regelbau L487 "Ringelnatter-Stellung" KRYLE

Huge German bunker from World War II - still in good shape and quite easy to enter.


Our second cache - now hidden in our favourite area in Denmark.

The bunker ist quite in good shape. In the lower level the walls are still painted in yellow and white, divided by a small brown stripe.

Not too much garbage inside and still visited regularly... So be careful...

Please hide the cache exactely as you found it. Put it back deep in the hole again, and place the stones carfuly as camouflage.


Regelbau L487 "Ringelnatter-Stellung" KRYLE

Gefechtsstand zur Nachtjägerführung - Unterstand für Funkmessgeräteauswertung (Jafü) "Bertha".

Command Post for Nightfighter-Missions - Air-Raid-Control/ Detect-System (Fighter-Control-System) "Bertha".


Bunker was built in two levels. Both levels are accessable.

Only a few bunkers of this special type were built, most of them in Denmark (5).

18 Rooms were avaible for the crew (have a look at the plan):

 1     Kampfraum/Eingang, Combatroom/Entrance, Kamprum/Indgang
 2     Gasschleuse, Gaslock, Gassluse
 3     Nahkampfraum, Close combat defense, Nærkampsrum
 4     Bereitschaftsraum/Unterschlupf, Crew, Mandskabsrum
 7     Offener Beobacther, Observation post, Observationspost
 15     Vermittlung, Liaisons, Formidling
 21     Funkraum, Radio room, Radio rum
 23     Lüfterraum, Ventilation, Ventilationsrum
 59     WC/Waschenraum, Latrines/washroom, WC/Vaskerum
 80     Notstrom, Emergency current, Nødstrøm
 84     Umspannerraum, Transformer room, Transformationsrum
 85     Rückkühlraum, Recooling, Genkølingsrum
 87     Führungsraum, Leader room, Ledelsesrum
 88     Fluko Aufnahme, Airforce Commandment, Receiving, ?
 89     Fluko Auswertung, Airforce Mission Control, ?
 90     Jagdführer, Fighter commander, Kampkommandør
 113     Verteiler, Distributer, Distributør
 120     Geräteauswertung, Device exploitation, Udstyrsvurdering


- 5 bunkers of Type L487 exist in Denmark
- About 2550 m³ of  concrete were needed to built the bunker
- Hight 8,60m
- The commando-room contained one "Seeburg Tisch"



- Do not enter the bunker alone !
- You DEFINITELY need a flashlight (better another one as reserve) !
- Not suitable for small children.
- Adults should first have a detailed look into the bunker, before entering with kids !
- Watch your step !!!
- Avoid to step on "water" - there might be deep holes beneath...




a. http://www.regelbau.dk/regelbau_visbunker.asp?id=56

b. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=1491af703eab6e4947b8417b098749ba&ct=mdrm



Cache is listed at geocaching.com (GC3GZB7) !  

Punti addizionali   Conversione coordinate

N 56° 09.201'
E 008° 07.190'
Park here !!!
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Suggerimenti addizionali   Decripta

1. Gur pbbeqvangrf jvyy gnxr lbh gb gur ragenapr bs gur ohaxre (hccre yriry, ragenapr ghaary gb ebbz 80 naq ebbz 2)
2. Pnpur vf uvqqra va gur ybjre yriry
3. Unir n pybfre ybbx ng gur ebbz pybfr gur fgnvejnl gb gur ybjre yriry, urer gur ebbz juvpu pbaarpgf gur "JP" (59) jvgu gur "Yüsgreenhz" (23)
4. Jngpu bhg sbe gur uvag "NHEB 93" jvgu "?"
5. Ybbx oruvaq gur oevpxf/ fgbarf (abguvat sbe fznyy crefbaf) !



Bunker drawing
Bunker drawing
Plan inside
Plan inside
Cache box
Cache box


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trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 17. aprile 2019, 09:30 imoen ha trovato la geocache

Thanks very much! Left a Travel Bug Monkey in it.

trovata 10. aprile 2019, 15:09 Straussenfamilie ha trovato la geocache

Vielen Dank.

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Kurz vor der Abfahrt noch ein paar Dosen suchen. Zusammen mit 150405 und Kirnitzschtaler fanden wir diese Dose. Bis bald Dänemark, du schönes Land!

Danke fürs legen, hegen und pflegen sagt Lisa von KaLi_601

trovata 18. ottobre 2018, 13:58 annikintreewalker ha trovato la geocache

Bei der Bunkertour mot Muggel-Caro, Szeraphine und prfk11