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Kefala mountain (Kos, Greece)

 nature hike to the mountain Kefala

di 4spring     Grecia

N 36° 50.877' E 027° 14.935' (WGS84)

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 Tempo necessario: 2:00 h   Lunghezza percorso: 6 km
 Nascosta il: 16. ottobre 2012
 Pubblicata il: 19. ottobre 2012
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 28. novembre 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OCEE34

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In my third year on KOS I went to the mountain Kefala. On my mountain bike I needed about 1:15 h for the 3.1 km up the hill (and about 20 minutes for the way back) starting from reference point 1 (at a height of 262 meters). My map shows a height of 662 meters for the mountain peak. Although the top of the mountain is not accessible (due to fences, pictures of those buildings are not allowed) a tremendous view to the ocean (south of Kos) and the south side of the mountain range is possible. This view point is just 120 meter away from the cache (which is on a height of 553 meters).

No signboards will guide you to Kefala, so I mention some reference points in the following – mainly on junctions, so that you know which road to follow.

If you come by car you will have to leave it at reference point 1 (N 36° 51.771 E 27° 14.336) at the latest as the earth road starts here (picture attached), however an official parking area is not available. Follow this earth road to reference point 2 (N 36° 51.220 E 27° 14.410) and to reference point 3 (N 36° 51.146 E 27° 14.463). Reference point 4 (N 36° 50.997 E 27° 14.903)  is only 230 meters away from the cache. The viewpoint is at N 36° 50.817 E 27° 14.967.

If you do not need to use the same route for the return trip you could visit the viewpoint at OCEF0E.

During this walking / cycling trip you will not find a super market. So please take enough water and food with you. Also please keep in mind that weather conditions on the mountain can change rapidly. BYOP

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Punto di riferimento
N 36° 51.771'
E 027° 14.336'
RefPoint 1: The road for cars ends here. Follow this road for your hike (or biking).
Punto di riferimento
N 36° 51.220'
E 027° 14.410'
RefPoint 2: on your tour you will come to this junction.
Punto di riferimento
N 36° 51.146'
E 027° 14.463'
RefPoint 3: on your tour you will come to this juncion.
Punto di riferimento
N 36° 50.997'
E 027° 14.903'
RefPoint 4: on your tour you will come to this junction.
Punto di riferimento
N 36° 50.817'
E 027° 14.967'
ViewPoint to the ocean (south) and the range of mountains.
Punto di riferimento
N 36° 51.122'
E 027° 13.846'
This path starting near Zia is blocked by a fence - so do not try to start your trip here.
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Gur pnpur vf arkg gb n obhaqnel fgbar (fcbvyre cvpgher nggnpurq)



start of dirt road at RefPoint 1
start of dirt road at RefPoint 1
Viewpoint on mountain Kefala
Viewpoint on mountain Kefala
Spoiler of hiding place
Spoiler of hiding place


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jawoll.....an unserem vermeindlich letzten Tag auf der Insel hier noch zuschlagen können.....ich sage wie immer...."DanCachSchön"....

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trovata 18. settembre 2013 Luna500 ha trovato la geocache

Hierhin wollte ich unbedingt noch. Da ich mir aber gestetn am Gipfel einen Finger gebrochen hatte, war nicht klar ob ich es schaffen würde. Um so mehr hat es mich gefreut. Es ging besser als gedacht.
Es dankt und grüßt Luna500