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I'm only in it for the music

di heike_hgw     Germania > Mecklenburg-Vorpommern > Ostvorpommern

N 54° 06.785' E 013° 28.963' (WGS84)

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 Tempo necessario: 0:30 h   Lunghezza percorso: 0.5 km
 Nascosta il: 07. aprile 2013
 Pubblicata il: 09. aprile 2013
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 24. aprile 2013
 Listing: https://opencaching.it/OCF509
Pubblicata anche su: geocaching.com 

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... but this is not a musical mystery! 

The Rolling Stones did already know that you can't always get what you want. But they also knew that sometimes you might get a little help. In this case it's the music which will give you all the hints you need to solve this mystery:
http://www.h-schuermann.de/gc/GC48XZE/hints.mp3 - 6:27 min, 15 MB

For this cache you have to click on a link which will start to download a file which contains details you need to find the cache. As cache owner I ensure that this file is harmless. If you download this file you do so at your own risk.

At first you have to solve a real puzzle online. You will find it on my homepage:
I've created this puzzle at www.onlinewahn.de so you will find some commercial links there, too.

I hope I don't reveal too much by telling you that the colorful picture will show a code. I'm quite sure you've already seen it and you're about to start decrypting it at once. Hm. The Beatles think that it's way too early.

Now it's up to you which tool you prefer. I, for my part, wouldn't think of computer, but instead of paper and some colored pencils. You might also use scissors - but please pay attention! Otherwise you might get hurt like Rod Stewart did.

You will get the first hints from Queen and Udo Lindenberg.

If you like to check the sum listen to Aura Dione. Caution: This young lady is going over the top! You have to subtract onehundredandfive!

Well... still so many possibilities left?   Aretha Franklin is pleased to help you here.

Oh no, I hope this mystery is not doing any damage to you like somebody did to the FYC? Never say die! Just give it a try. You will discover very soon if you're on the wright track.

So did it work out? Great! So it's nearly time to start decrypting the code. And yes, I know, you will succeed at first, but then you will get stuck if you don't take advice from Manfred Mann and Metallica. If you have a good memory - well, that's fine! Otherwise you better do what George Strait is asking you!

Before you go searching for the cache you need to check your solution. The cache is not placed at the determined coordinates!




All right? Tina knew it can only be you!

Have fun and success!

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N 54° 06.785'
E 013° 28.963'
Kostenpflichtiger Parkplatz
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trovata 27. febbraio 2016 URS59 ha trovato la geocache

Wie schon vom Vorlogger geschrieben : ein typisches Heike-Rätsel.
Auf manche Sachen kam man schnell, bei anderen rauchte das Hirn mächtig.
Zum Schluss kamen aber vernünftige Koords raus und auch die Dose war schnell entdeckt.
Hilfreich war hier der Hinweis auf Opencaching, da dort das Listing noch besser erklärt wurde.

trovata Raccomandata 24. aprile 2013 Bassist_Tom ha trovato la geocache

Ein Rätsel von Heike, welches dann auch noch mir Musik zu tun hat, das wollte ich unbedingt knacken Zunge raus Aber sooo schnell ging das (mal wieder) nicht - es brauchte ein paar Tage, in denen ich immer wieder Musik und Bild zu kombinieren versuchte, bis es dann endlich mal KLICK gemacht hatte Verlegen Doch dann KLICKte es in immer kürzeren Abständen und der grüne Checker übergab mir seine InformationenZwinkernd
Mir hat das Rätsel sehr gut gefallen - vermeintlich Bekanntes in ganz spezieller Form dargeboten, so dass sich mancher Aha-Effekt einstellt Cool Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Mystery, der ganz klar meine Empfehlung bekommt Lächelnd

DFDC und viele Grüße - Tom